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Thank you again - C# reaches No 1 on YouTube

I have you all to thank for once again. The C# video too has reached the No 1 position on As mentioned in the earlier posts, YouTube ranks videos by audience retention. i.e. How many people who click on the video continue to watch it or return to finish the video.


With hardly a few hundred views and just 2 weeks on YouTube, I feel humbled to be ranked No 1. This shows your support and interest in my videos. With this, both the Java and C# are the number one in their respective categories.


As I repeat often, programming / software technology is quick and easy to learn, all it needs is the right teaching method. Most teachers / authors make it look complex by using complex jargon, scaring most of us away.The main aim of my videos is to make it as easy as possible. You will learn in a few hours, what will take many months by attending classes or reading books.


Once again my humble thanks for your love and support. Have a great day!

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