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For a  .NET Career

When someone outside the IT industry with no programming knowledge asks me advice on how to become a software developer, I usually send them the .NET way. If there is one thing I love most about Microsoft, it is how easy they make their tools. Using just two of my videos, you can go from someone with no knowledge about IT to someone who can easily create a web application like Craigslist in just under 10 hrs of instruction. Almost every young barista working at Starbucks can become a software engineer using just these two videos. A $100 investment and 1 month effort can make you fetch a $100K salary.

It is one of those life's ironies that most won't know. Take away all the billions from a billionaire and he will make one more. 

Becoming a software engineer is not hard. Just try my free first part of C# and ASP.NET MVC videos and see for yourself.

Technologies you must know..

ASP.NET MVC programming video
Core C# language - My Video
Start with my C# Programming step by step video tutorial (of-course I was going to say that  )
I sincerely believe my training video is the best in the market!
HTML, CSS, Java Script
HTML / CSS / Java Script / XML / SQL
If there is something every programmer must know, its HTML, CSS,  Java Script, XML and SQL.
You don't have to master them, but a basic understanding is an absolute must.
Most of the applications today are web based, and most advanced books assume you know it. There is no recommended book. There is enough free material on the web or just browse your nearest book store.
ASP.NET MVC & Entity Framework
This is used for creating web applications, like or Tools like WordPress are used to create static websites like blogs. You use ASP.NET MVC to create dynamic sites, displaying data fetched from a Database. Entity framework is used connect the MVC application to the database. You will learn both code first and database first methodologies. Many people find a job learn just the above three.
Web services
Learn how to create web services using Windows communication foundation and Web API. Web services are a way to reuse your code across applications.
Team Foundation Server
When you write code in a Team environment, there is a need for a tool to share the code and keep a history of changes using a central repository. There is also a need to assign tasks to different team members and keep track of them. Team foundation will do just that. Will take you less than a day to pick up this skill. 
Finding a Job?
How do you find a job with no experience? Once you finish my C# and ASP.NET MVC videos, I suggest you create a web application and host it for the world to see. It doesn't matter if it is viable or not. You can create a job board site say exclusively for fresh graduates or a site for example like craigslist for some niche topic. You need to showcase to a prospective employer your capability. This is the step most people falter. It will cost you domain name and hosting charges, but then the universal truth is, it takes money to make money. If things are free, that's what it is worth. Never hesitate to spend money that will help you.
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