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Comparative reviews by customers.

Best Way to Learn Java, hands down!

By Vincent


I had originally heard about Patrick's Java Tutorials when I was reading through comments on other purchases I made for books in C++ and Java. I wanted to learn Java on my own before starting graduate school, and my previous programming experience was limited primarily to FORTRAN I took 2 years ago, which to say has gotten rusty.
I bought 2 books in Java, Herbert Schildt's "Java, A beginner's guide, 5th edition" and "Head First's Java programming" by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates. Schildt's textbook felt like the run of the mill textbook that professors would have me read in advanced engineering courses - Dry and boring. It had a fairly difficult learning curve, since it throw out complex terminology at the very start of the book, and expected you to know those terms by heart, since each concept reinforced itself in subsequent chapters. I seriously didn't want to bother reading a book that felt more like a PhD's dissertation, so I scrapped it.
In comes "Head First's Java" programming, touted as one of the best Java books in the market today. I've read through approximately 150 pages of the book, and I can see why its been rated so high. It uses a completely different learning approach, by using pictures, stories, "interviews with the compiler", puzzles, crosswords, etc. to teach the subject. It has worked for the most part(I am able to do all of the difficult puzzles so far), however the following issues arise:
1. When reading a subject about programming, understanding the context of how a passage is written slows down my comprehension rate. Since Head First throws out so many different formats when teaching a topic, my mind tends to have a very hard time interpreting the exact meaning of what is being taught for each context. This tremendously slows down my learning rate, and frustrates me to no ends at times
2. Head First's Java is so unconventionally organized, that you simply cannot reference back to it when you need to (i.e. at the end of the chapters). This really hurts me when I spend a week not doing any java, and then attempt to refresh myself. Also this book made a poor reference in the future, unless you take notes on a book separately...(even then it misses some Java essentials)
3. Head First Java is a book (and any book for that matter), so its limited in its teaching ability as opposed to a video, which offers audio and visual aids to enhance learning.
In comes Patricks's Java Tutorials. I spent a good number of hours (30+ hours) on and off reading Head First's Java program, and was competent enough to grasp how a battleship game program was made. I decided to try Patrick's Videos, which is a 4 hour video tutorial (to which I've already viewed 2 hours), and I can confidentally say that following:
1. I learned more in 5 hours over 2 days (pausing/taking GOOD reference notes for the future/writing code/quizzing myself/reviewing notes/etc, aka 2 hours of the video) than the 30+ hours I spent frustrating myself over Head First's Java book or any other programming book in C++ for that matter.
2. I actually learned the concepts correctly the first time around, and did not have to waste time trying to understand the context of what was being taught. Patrick explains everything concisely and perfectly, with 0 downtime between concept transitions (meaning you have to pause a lot! lots of good condensed information. No um, uhs, obvious filler messages, "let me open this page...wait while its loading", etc. that you see in low quality YouTube video tutorials). And he even does a 2-3 minute overview of all the concepts learned at the end of every hour. He also gives you exercises / projects for you to test your knowledge before he explains it.
Some of the others pros I can say about Patrick's videos:
1. You learn eclipse, an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), while you watch his tutorial. Using the command prompt / Notepad++(or Vim) text editor wasted so much of my time with Head First's Java programming. The IDE greatly reduced the time to do mundane tasks.
2. You can test run his video tutorial (first 1.5 hours FREE, no registration needed) yourself if your skeptical! It was rated as the #1 Java Tutorial on YouTube.
patrickvideo(dot) com or (dot) com/watch?v=3u1fu6f8Hto <- Note the (dot)
3. It only costs $--, which in my opinion is really not much. If you compare the quality of his videos to what you see in other tutorials (such as Java 5 day classes by Oracle, the company that makes Java), you would probably pay upwards of ~$500 or more! His video is what corporations use to teach effective Java practices.
4. You get your own video and download link that you can use forever!
There aren't really any cons, except a few burps with video editing, but that doesn't really detract anything he says / tries to teach.
I don't write reviews often, but Patrick has made an amazing video that has saved me hours of frustration, and I encourage you all to use it!

Can't Praise This Enough, Hope At Last!

By Alex O

I am not one to leave reviews but I felt a moral obligation to review this in the hope that it would save someone a few months of their lives hopelessly trying (in vain) to learn Java from a book or a badly done youtube series like "Bucky" and the like.
My first experience with Java was from youtube series by thenewboston or "Bucky". The videos are not 'terrible' however you will never 'learn' anything from them. One will go through the motions and copy down code line by line thinking that eventually it will stick. Let me tell you straight - it wont.
Realizing that I was not getting anywhere following this tutorial series I looked online for a book and found 'Head First Java', although a lot of people apparently do fairly well with this book it was not for me. The learning structure was slow and boring even though they do try to sugar coat it... learning something this complex is at that pace is going to bore the sane to tears.
At this point I was lost so I decided to hire a Java tutor online over teamviewer. This was a catastrophic failure as the tutor had been prepping me for Sun Certification not realizing that I was a complete beginner. This set me back around $200 and two months of my time.
I had given up on the idea of learning to program completely when I stumbled upon this product Java Programming Step by Step Video Tutorial by chance some time later. Within the first two hours Patrick cleared up any and every misunderstanding that I had about Java. The pace is staggering due to the editing. You barely have to wait for Patrick to type the code as he edits all of that out and believe it or not this is 'exactly' what you need. What you do not want is someone half explaining the process and half typing the code.
Java is simply too complex to have to wait in between instruction and watching code being typed. Your mind will switch off, you will day dream and you will learn nothing. Such a simple thing... yet.... it changed everything for me.
The Instruction is beyond amazing. Patrick explains everything pragmatically and with grace (something few college professors can claim). Patrick teaches you from the ground up and I highly doubt you will mind his accent as another reviewer stated he speaks very clearly and never mumbles.
If like me, you are having difficulty learning Java. I guarantee you will not regret getting this course. It is 4 hours long but it is not a (learn Java in 4 hours) over marketed hyped up BS course. The whole course is edited down from around 40 hours of video.... YES you heard me... 40 hours, imagine that? Only 10% of you would normally watch is actually worthwhile in a Java tutorial video and that is if you can keep your mind awake for those extra 36 hours to actually learn something while waiting for the instructor to type out the code and mumble to themselves.
I really cannot praise this enough, thanks to this course I will actually be able to complete my work at school and I am in the process of actually writing my own programs not getting stuck and thinking that Java is "too hard for me" 

A great hidden gem!

By Santa Cruz

I am like everyone else when buying stuff online. I will pour over the reviews and buy the highly rated ones with the maximum number of reviews. Very little regrets that way.
I had bought the highly rated Head first Java, Herbert Schildt's complete reference, Dietel's Java and what not so that I could learn Java and object oriented programming. This was many years ago. I went to the same source when it came time to recommend Java books to my nephew. But, just like it didn't work for me then, it didn't work for my nephew either. They were not bad books, but it takes time and patience and lots of it.
I gave this video a try based on some gut feeling. Of course the editorial reviews found in the item description, persuaded me. You can also call it exasperation as I was planning on expensive private coaching for my nephew in Java. So, $40 was a risk worth taking.
Having watched it along with my wife and nephew, we all agreed on one thing, this is the greatest teaching we had ever come across in our lives. One of those rare hidden gems which will pass into history unknown and unrecognized. If you are planning to learn Java, or if you have read the books and given up, start with this. Trust me when I say, you will save months of your valuable time.
Watch this and you will learn Java. Go for it! 
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