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After watching the video...

If you are planning a career in Java or if you are appearing for the AP Computer Science A exam, then you will be curious to know what you have to do after learning Java from my video? In the page below and the sub-pages I have tried to show the path for your road ahead..

Java career path. Click me.
Let me start by congratulating and welcoming you to a career in Java. I would suggest you give at least 6 months to prepare yourself for a Java career.
      To find a beginner to intermediate level job in Java, you don't need to master everything I mention in the attached page. 90% of the time, a programmers job is to copy and paste existing code and modify it. 90% of the programmers do just that all the time.
AP Computer Science A. Click me.
Thank you and congratulations for planning to take the AP Computer Science A exam. If you are undecided then I urge you to take it. It will take very little of your time to prepare for the exam and the payoff is big. This exam will be much easier than you imagine. I also encourage you to take computer science in college as this is one of the few fields where you can hit it big in a short time.
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